InstaForex Broker Review 2018

InstaForex, the online broker, has enabled private traders to participate in lucrative forex trading since 2007. Only four years later, 300,000 dealers from more than 50 countries had already registered. According to their own statements, about 300 traders are added every day. The website is available in more than 20 languages, including German. In addition to foreign exchange, InstaForex can also trade CFDs and commodities. The special features of the broker include an exceptionally high lever of 1:1000 and a very low minimum deposit of only 1 euro. Reason enough to subject the Forex Broker to a more detailed broker review 2018.

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InstaForex relies on the tried and tested MetaTrader 5 for trading, providing registered customers with the best software available in 2018. The MetaTrader 5 shines on the one hand with its intuitive operation, which is particularly helpful for beginners. At the same time, the software offers a wealth of functions that are also aimed at professional traders.

In the InstaForex broker review 2018, the software was able to execute orders quickly. For this purpose, the software offers an effective "one-click-trading". In addition, users can set eight different time windows. Experienced traders can create their own indicators. In addition, MetaTrader 4 supports automated trading.

As an alternative, InstaForex recently introduced a web-based trading platform. This allows traders to access their trading account from any PC with Internet access. The WebTrader can be used with all trading accounts. In addition, traders have access to all trading facilities of InstaForex.

One of the advantages of the InstaForex broker review 2018 is the large number of bonus offers. Both new and existing customers can benefit from these. New customers currently receive a 30 percent bonus on their first deposit. This is not limited in height. InstaForex offers a 55 percent bonus for each additional deposit.

Customers who are members of the Instaforex Bonus Club receive additional bonuses of up to 15,000 euros depending on their turnover. Thanks to the Lucky Trader Promotion, even demo account holders can benefit from attractive bonuses. The best trader is rewarded with cash prizes, which can then be invested directly in real orders.

The Forex Broker offers different account models when registering. These differ primarily in the calculated spreads.

With the standard account, traders can use the entire trading offer of InstaForex. Traders pay a fixed spread, which is usually 3 pips in the majors. InstaForex is thus at an average level in a broker comparison. The great advantage of this account model is its flexibility. Traders are free to choose the amount of leverage and margin at any time.

This account model allows traders to trade without a spread. The BID and ASK prices are therefore always the same. In my InstaForex broker review 2018, however, the suggested price differed by half a standard spread from the BID. After consultation with the customer service I was informed that this is due to the technical features of MetraTrader.

The accounts of Cent. standard and Cent. Eurica are aimed primarily at beginners. They can trade with a very low minimum bet. The Micro Forex accessible for these accounts with the lot size of 0.0001 of the market lot (the point price is 0.1 US cent) makes it possible to trade with almost no margin. As far as trading conditions are concerned, there is no difference to the already introduced account models.

For experienced traders, I recommend opening an Insta. Standard or Insta. Eurica account. There is no limit to the scope of the maximum margin. The limit here is 10,000 lots.

Since 2012, InstaForex customers can easily copy trades from other traders. The broker offers the feature ForexCopy for this purpose. This is very similar to the CopyTrader of eToro. Copied traders can make money if they are followed by other traders. Thus, it is doubly worthwhile to place successful trades at InstaForex.

The InstaForex system offers maximum transparency in terms of remuneration. In this way, the models can be individually adjusted for each trade. Forex Copy is really a very interesting tool with which you can earn some extra euros. And all this without any risk.

At InstaForex, risk-averse traders can enjoy maximum leverage of 1:1000. No other forex broker currently has a similar leverage effect. Of course, such a high lever should always be used with caution. If the trade doesn't go as desired, it can quickly turn into the opposite.

The lowest margin is 0.1 percent, which is particularly helpful for beginners. InstaForex can be traded with very small stakes. The spread of the majors moves around the 3 pips. However, this always depends on the amount of the deposit. The more deposits, the lower the spread. This can be pressed to a maximum of 1 pip. However, this would require a deposit of EUR 100,000.

With over a hundred currency pairs, InstaForex's trading offer is extremely extensive. Trading in CFDs and commodities is also possible at InstaForex. The selection of raw materials is particularly generous. For example, cotton and coffee can also be traded.

The Forex Broker also offers its own MasterCard as an additional service. With this, the winnings can be disbursed very easily. In addition, they can then be withdrawn immediately at an ATM. Fortunately, InstaForex offers a wide range of training courses. For example, there are lots of video tutorials and training courses.

If you would like to learn more about InstaForex's services and trading opportunities, you can also open a demo account. This is completely free of charge and has no obligations. With the demo account, both MetaTrader and the web-based platform can be fully tested. In addition, the entire trading offer is available for this purpose.

Support from Germany is provided by InstaForex from Russia. Therefore no German language support is to be expected. The positive InstaForex broker review 2018 includes the numerous contact possibilities. Support is available via telephone, live chat, Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Of course, requests can also be sent by e-mail in the traditional way. However, the processing time of around 24 hours is rather long compared to other providers. A FAQ section is also available at InstaForex, if only in English. However, the most important questions can be answered easily.

With a few exceptions, the InstaForex broker review 2018 was positive. I find the website a bit overloaded and partly badly translated. However, this has no negative impact on trading. Of course, the maximum leverage of 1:000 is outstanding, the trade offer is very good and the conditions are also quite respectable. So it's definitely worth visiting InstaForex.