FBS Broker Review 2018

FBS is an online broker from Belize that enables its clients in Europe and Asia to trade CFDs and currencies. Traders can choose between different account models, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages include maximum leverage of up to 3,000:1, a minimum deposit of just $1 and various payment methods, including online payment services such as Neteller and Skrill. However, as FBS is not a broker from the EU, traders have to miss out on a MiFID regulated hedging environment. Further information on the company's services can be found in the FBS broker review 2018.

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In the search for the best online broker 2018, regulation and the hedging environment in general play a particularly important role. In the FBS broker review 2018, we have to state in this point that a hedging environment according to the EU standard does not exist: FBS is not regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Cyprus Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), but instead by the International Financial Services Authority (ISFA) from Belize. FBS also does not guarantee deposit protection, which is one of the most important cornerstones of the security environment of brokers within the EU.

For the holders of a standard account, the minimum deposit starts at 100 US dollars - the trade eventually goes to a variable spread starting from 1 pip and the leverage can be up to 3,000:1. With the cent account, however, the whole thing looks different: The minimum deposit is $1 and the maximum lever can be up to 1,000:1. Although here too, a variable spread is traded from 1 pip upwards, the order volume is much smaller: Instead of 0.01 to 500 lots, traders can trade between 0.01 and 1,000 cent lots.

The Micro Account then represents the next largest unit after the Cent Account: From a deposit of $5, traders can trade at a maximum lever of up to $3,000:1 and a fixed spread of 3 pips or more. In contrast, the fixed spread on the zero spread account is 0 Pip - this is compensated for by the comparatively high minimum deposit of USD 00 and the calculated commissions. Here too, the maximum lever is up to 3,000:1.

ECN Account owners can trade from a deposit of $1,000 to spreads of -1 pip or more and a maximum leverage of 500:1. Last but not least, traders can also use the Unlimited Account, which includes a minimum deposit of 500 US dollars and a variable spread of 0.2 pips or more. However, the maximum leverage is "only" up to 500:1.

An extensive range of tradable underlyings is one of the most important features of customer-friendly brokers. In addition to currency pairs and commodities, there is usually also a particularly large selection of stocks, bonds and indices in the form of CFDs. In the FBS broker review 2018, however, we have to note that the company only has a limited range of tradable underlyings available to its customers. Around 40 currency pairs, four commodities and only two CFDs can be traded by customers at FBS. Finally, the offer is complemented by the four most popular cryptocurrencies that are made available for trading in 2018.

A demo account proves to be particularly advantageous for beginners in CFD and Forex trading: inexperienced beginners can take their first steps in stock exchange trading with the risk-free trading account with virtual capital without having to fear real losses. Even advanced traders and even professionals can benefit from a demo account that allows them to develop or test trading strategies and get acquainted with the trading platform's user interface without risk.

In the FBS broker review 2018 we can note that a demo account was offered by the Belizer company. Traders were thus able to test each of the available account models in advance as part of a demo account and gain experience with the respective framework conditions of the platform. In the meantime it is unfortunately no longer possible to open a demo account, at least via the German language platform of FBS.

Hardly any online broker nowadays refrains from making attractive bonuses available to his customers - and not without reason: with the help of bonus offers, brokers can attract new customers and strengthen their ties with existing customers. In the FBS broker review 2018 we can therefore also identify a large number of bonus offers. In addition to promotions and bonuses of up to 100 percent of the deposit, FBS also offers deposit insurance, a VPS server and a MetaTrader 4 multiterminal as a bonus. Finally, the bonus offer is rounded off by competitions that also attract attractive bonus offers. Of course, the usual bonus conditions apply here as well.

In the FBS broker review 2018 we can state that the company relies on the MetaTrader as a platform of trust. The reason for this is simple: Not only the MetaTrader 4, which was released in 2005, but also the successor of MetaTrader 5, have so far convinced countless traders all over the world. In addition to the professional user interface, a variety of tools and indicators as well as professional additional functions speak for the MetaTrader. At FBS, customers can use the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 as a download or web platform as well as an app for mobile devices.

After all, the opening of an account is hardly any different from the opening of an account with most other brokers: first of all, customers fill in an online form that requires the name, e-mail address, the desired account model and the account currency. The new customer will then receive his welcome email with all the necessary information and access data to log into his customer area.

Once here, the trader should first verify the account, which takes some time. For this purpose, he must send the Broker's employees copies of proof of identity and residence. Proof of identity can be an identity card, a passport or a driving licence - but the new customer's proof of residence is best provided by a copy of a current consumer invoice. Payment to the new trading account is then made by bank transfer, credit card or online payment services such as Skrill or Neteller. Customers only have to consider the amount of the minimum deposit required for the respective account model.

The FBS broker review 2018 shows that the company provides its customers with a wide range of deposit methods, including many local service providers - especially from the Asian region from which the broker comes. European customers can primarily use the credit card or online payment services Skrill and Neteller for their deposits. Deposits by Bitcoin via Skrill are also possible. These transactions are always immediate and free of charge for the broker.

In the FBS broker review 2018 we can state that the customers of the company can turn to an English-language support. The Broker's employees can be contacted by e-mail, telephone, live chat and callback as well as via various social networks. To date, the company's branches are located almost exclusively in Asia.

The CFD Broker comparison should also include training opportunities and services. In the FBS broker review 2018 we can state that the Belizer company has an extensive bonus offer: In addition to promotions and bonuses, which include a welcome bonus of 123 US dollars, a 100 percent deposit bonus or cash back, special services such as deposit insurance or the VPS server are also offered. Various contests with interesting prizes are also part of the offer - as well as FAQs and various analysis news. This includes news and a business calendar with all important dates.

FBS was founded in 2009 and has received several international awards since then, but most of them are irrelevant for German customers. The awards include an award for the "Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016" or for the "Top IB Program 2016". In addition, the awards are primarily limited to the Asian region and customer satisfaction in Indonesia or in the Asia-Pacific region. The reason for this is simple: Up to now, FBS has been active primarily in the Far East and only recently the company's range of products and services has become available to European customers.

The FBS broker review 2018 shows that the Belizer company has a number of major advantages, such as the low minimum deposit of 1 US dollar or the high maximum lever of 3,000:1, which is always accompanied by a correspondingly high risk of loss. However, the manageable range of tradable underlyings is just as much a problem as the lack of a demo account and the company's hedging environment, which does not meet European standards.