ETX Capital Broker Review 2018

Since 2002, London-based CFD broker ETX Capital has been offering private traders the opportunity to trade Forex currencies, stock indices, stocks, CFDs, commodities, ETFs and bonds online. Traders have four powerful platforms at their disposal. If traders wish to open a trading account with the ETX Capital broker, they do not need to make a minimum deposit. Traders in the broker ETX Capital benefit from regulation by the FSA (British financial regulator). Numerous tests prove that the experiences with ETX Capital are consistently positive, which is of course also due to the excellent customer service of the broker.

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The broker ETX Capital offers new traders with the ETX Trader a trading platform that is very easy to use. Not only does the interface create a tidy impression, it can also be adapted to your own needs with just a few clicks. Traders using ETX Trader do not need to make a minimum deposit. It should be noted at this point that the trader on the trading platform can never lose more than the credit available on the account. Within the scope of tests, all trades were executed reliably and quickly at all times. The spreads with the broker ETX Capital are fixed and favourable compared to other brokers. The margin for ETX Capital is particularly low.

With the ETX Trader trading platform, experienced traders have the possibility to trade directly from a chart. The trader has a large selection of charts at his disposal. This includes candle, line, HLOC, points and area. During the ETX Capital broker review 2018 it was also noticed that the trader has various drawing tools at his disposal. The Fibonacci circles and the point-to-point lines, which can be created with a few clicks, are very practical here. Traders can add different tests and save the settings afterwards. Another very positive thing about the broker ETX Capital is that the trading platform can be adapted to one's own needs with just a few clicks. Trading tickets, charts, open positions, market quotations and order books can be managed using drag and drop.

The lower spreads are also seen as quite positive. These are variable and can be narrowed or widened by the trader according to market volatility. During the broker review 2018, the spreads always moved between the specified minimum and the upper limit. The spread for the most popular currency pair, the EUR/USD, starts at 0.7 points. This is very small when comparing the market.

Traders who only bet on falling or rising prices have a special trading platform available with the ETX Binary software. Traders can trade on all global markets. Because of the missing lever, the risk is minimized. With the TraderChoice-Bar, the broker ETX Capital provides a useful tool that shows the trader which trades have already been set by other traders. Traders can trade with the broker ETX Capital from as little as 10 euros, whereby the returns in numerous ETX Capital tests were up to 85%.

The broker ETX Capital also offers the popular MetaTrader 4 for trading. Especially experienced traders benefit from MetaTrader 4, because it can also be used for automatic trading and for trading with Expert Advisors. With Expert Advisors the trader can create technical analyses of different price series without great technical effort. The resulting signals can then be used for automatic trading decisions.

Extensive chart functions are another advantage MetaTrader 4 offers the trader. With MetaTrader 4, for example, the trader can display various charts of 50 integrated indicators. In addition, individually adjusted indicators and trading are possible directly from the chart display.

Traders who like to trade on the move have the possibility to access all trading platforms on the iPhone, the Android Smartphone or the iPad with the broker ETX Capital. With the mobile applications the trader has complete access to his trading account. As part of the ETX Capital broker review 2018, all trades could not only be opened at lightning speed, but also closed again. Placing orders or checking your own watch lists also works without any problems.

The trader can download all applications free of charge from the App Store after registering with the broker ETX Capital.

Traders who are unsure about the trading platforms offered can open a free ETX Capital demo account first. With the demo account the trader can test all functions of the broker ETX Capital without risk. The demo account is topped up with a virtual credit of 10,000 euros by the broker ETX Capital and is available to the trader for a period of 14 days. With the so-called play money the trader can trade in real time and test the most different strategies. This allows him to familiarize himself perfectly with the software of the broker ETX Capital.

Very important for the trader are the trading conditions offered by the broker ETX Capital. If you compare the ETX Capital spreads with those of other brokers, ETX Capital is quite competitive. Traders who choose to trade with the ETX Trader Pro trade the EUR/USD currency pair from 0.7 pips spread. For other currency pairs such as AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY, the spread starts at 0.9 pips.

The spreads for CFDs on indices are also very narrow. For contracts on DAX, Dow Jones, CAC40 and FTSE100, the bid/ask spread is only 1.0 index points. The broker ETX Capital offers the narrowest spreads in this area. At 0.08 % of the leveraged transaction volume, the commission for trading CFDs on equities is below the market average. The trader can view the CFD Broker table.

Numerous ETX Capital experiences show that the broker offers traders uncomplicated access to the prices of the trading server and the associated spreads. If the trader wants to preview the live trading prices on his own trading account, he only has to enter his e-mail address.

If the trader trades via MetaTrader 4 and the simple platform ETX Trader, the broker ETX Capital waives the minimum deposit. The reasonable deposit amount depends on the margins required for a position. The deposit amount is between 0.50 and 5.00%, depending on the underlying. If the trader wants to open his trading account with the ETX Trader Pro, he must deposit at least 750 euros.

Currently, guaranteed stop-loss orders are not yet possible, so a better ETX Capital valuation is not possible. The broker ETX Capital does not offer any exclusion from negative account balances. The ETX Trader platform advertises that losses do not exceed the deposit, but this point is not yet mentioned in the risk information.

The broker ETX Capital offers private and corporate clients and institutional investors the opportunity to trade a large number of underlying assets as CFDs. Traders benefit from very good customer service, which is available on trading days from 8:15 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. via a free telephone number. Other features of the broker ETX Capital are low commissions, stock market spreads and low margin requirements.

Traders who wish to open a CFD account with ETX Capital do not need to make a minimum deposit. All deposits of one cent or more are accepted. This makes it easier to join ETX Capital compared to other brokers.

If a trader assumes that the Google shares will rise in the next few weeks and these are at a current share price of 400 euros, the trader would have to invest 4000 euros for 120 shares. In addition, the trader bears the costs for broker commissions and taxes to be paid. If the share price rises to 420 euros, the trader has made a profit of 2000 euros. He then has to pay his costs.

If the trader were to trade on ETX Capital, he would have to pay less costs. This results from the following calculation. The trader buys 10 shares for 4000 euros. With ETX Capital, the trader only has to make a margin of 5% of the purchase amount, i.e. 200 euros, on the CFDs. However, the trader is not regarded as the owner of the shares, but speculates only on a price gain. If the shares rise to 420 euros, then he also has a profit of 2000 euros, but only costs of 200 euros.

If the value of the purchased shares increases in classical stock trading, profits are generated. With the broker ETX Capital, it does not matter in CFD trading whether the price rises or falls. The trader can make a profit in both cases, of course he must have speculated on the right price development. If the trader expects a stock to lose value, he only has to go short on Google CFDs. If the trader is correct,m the difference between the opening and closing price multiplied by the bet made is paid out.

The trader must of course bear in mind that in the event of a false forecast, the complete loss is deducted from his ETX Capital trading account. It makes no difference whether the price rises or falls.

Traders have the opportunity to trade CFDs in all major markets with the broker ETX Capital. These include not only stocks but also foreign exchange, indices and commodities. The large selection of tradable shares is convincing for the trader. The trader has more than 3000 tradable shares at his disposal. The range of foreign exchange is also very large, with 51 currency pairs. Among them are all majors and some exotic pairings.

If the trader takes a look at the commodities section, he will find around 75 tradable stocks there, such as the precious metals copper, platinum or gold and consumer goods such as sugar, coffee and corn. In addition to commodities, traders can also trade in funds. These funds are particularly popular with risk-averse investors. Numerous ETX Capital experiences prove that about 77 ETFs can be acquired at significantly low fees.

Every trader can choose between four different trading platforms with the broker ETX Capital. There are different conditions for each platform.

Traders who prefer fast trading and speculate exclusively on rising and falling prices are well served with the ETX Binary software. There is no leverage on this platform, so there is little risk here. The trader cannot lose more than he has bet. The platform is web-based and the trader can enter several positions with an expiration time of 60 seconds.

ETX Binary can be traded on all markets offered by ETX Capital. The Trader can be supported by the TraderChoice-Bar, because this function shows on which trades other traders have placed. The software is available as desktop version as well as for Android devices and for iOS.

ETX Trader software is ideal for new traders entering the international markets. The software is characterized by the fact that the available credit is limited. There is no minimum deposit for this trading platform. Traders benefit from low and fixed spreads. The margin is also low.

The ETX Trader software is installed directly on the computer. It is also available as a mobile application for tablet and smartphone.

Experienced traders have several useful additional functions with ETX Trader Pro. The variable spreads are kept as low as possible by the broker ETX Capital. The spread for the popular EUR/USD pair starts at 0.7 points. Depending on the current market situation, this can both widen and narrow. However, the spread always moves within the lower and upper limits. The trader must make a minimum deposit of 750 euros to trade with ETX Trader Pro.

With ETX Trader Pro you can manage trading tickets, open positions, order books, charts, market quotations and much more via drag and drop. In addition, a PIP calculator is one of the tools available.

CFD broker ETX Capital offers its clients MetaTrader 4, which is ideal for all experienced traders who want automated trading. In a few moments, technical analyses and course series can be created with the help of so-called Expert Advisors (EAs). The software makes automatic trading decisions based on the signals gained at the base.

Just like ETX Trader pro, MetaTrader 4 is available for desktop PCs and Android and iOS devices.

Numerous ETX Capital experiences are very good for most traders. This increasing popularity of the CFD broker ETX Capital has been tested by various institutions. In recent years in particular, the broker ETX Capital has won numerous awards. The British financial portal MoneyAM and the trade magazine'World of Trading' awarded the broker ETX Capital.

In 2012 ETX Capital received the'MoneyAM-Award' in the category'Best online charts'. The comprehensive possibilities of the'Trade-through-Charts' chart package were particularly highlighted. The broker ETX Capital offers this to its clients. The trader can trade with this package directly in the chart window and have the bid, ask and middle prices as well as the spreads displayed directly. The trader can create up to 10 watchlists so that he always has an overview of the most important markets.

ETX Capital received 2 awards in 2013. The broker ETX Capital took second place in the"Products" category of the"World of Trading Award". And in the'CFD Broker' category, ETX Capital even took first place. For the trader, the broker reviews 2018 about the broker ETX Capital are very interesting here, if he would like to acquire further information.

Of course, security plays a very important role in addition to comprehensive trading opportunities and favourable conditions. ETX Capital is regulated by the British Financial Services Authority (FSA) because of its headquarters in London. This ensures that the funds of the traders are invested and managed separately from the company assets in a trust account. In addition, the functions of the broker ETX Capital and the trading platforms are regularly reviewed. Up to L50,000 of customer deposits are covered by the UK deposit guarantee.

Like many other brokers, ETX Capital offers its new customers a bonus. This bonus requires a minimum deposit of 1000 Euro and 5 trades placed. As is common practice, the amount of the bonus depends on the amount you deposit. The broker ETX Capital only grants the bonus when opening one of the platforms such as ETX Trader Pro, ETX MT 4 and ETX Trader.

Once the trader has made the deposit, an e-mail to Customer Service is sufficient to receive the bonus credited to the trading account. In order for the bonus to be paid out, ETX Capital has a number of conditions. Transactions on commodities, indices and/or foreign exchange must be opened and closed. The total amount of CFD or the total bet must be 5 Euros per point and 300% of the bonus amount.

Opening an ETX Capital trading account is very easy and takes only a few minutes. First the trader selects the desired trading platform, whereby ETX Capital recommends the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 with many analyses and automations. After clicking on the'Continue' button, you will proceed to the actual registration process.

First the trader has to enter name, email address and phone number. Then he sets a currency and a password. After verification, the trader can enter the address data. The trader receives his user name by e-mail. The account must be verified before making your first deposit. However, the trader can already test various functions of the platform here. The registration is complete and the account can be used.

The trader can make a deposit with the broker ETX Capital by credit card or bank transfer. Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Maestro and Solo cards are accepted. If the trader deposits by credit card, the amount is immediately available on the trading account. If the trader makes the deposit by bank transfer, it is transferred to a German bank account, which is positive for the processing time. Deposits are usually booked to the trading account of the ETX Capital broker on the next working day. Unlimited deposits are possible free of charge.

If the trader wishes a withdrawal from his trading account, processing will take place on the same business day if the withdrawal request is made before 13:00. As a rule, the credit is also credited on the same day. The trader can request a payout as often as he likes, because there are no costs.

The broker ETX Capital convinces with a very good customer service. For German traders, customer service is available via a toll-free number. Requests can be made around the clock using the contact form. These requests are processed within 24 hours, whereby most questions are already answered in the extensive FAQ area of the broker ETX Capital.

As ETX Capital is headquartered in London, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) is responsible for regulation. This means for the trader that his invested funds must be managed separately from the business assets of the broker. Client funds are protected by the British deposit guarantee up to an amount of 85,000 GPB or 100,000 euros, which is highly recommended for new traders. ETX Capital is one of the best brokers in the EU in 2018.

Both new traders and professionals have very good trading opportunities with the broker ETX Capital. The conditions are completely competitive. The customer service and the website as well as the trading platforms are completely available in German. The broker ETX Capital also convinces with a large selection of underlying assets and a high degree of seriousness and security for its traders.