direktbroker-FX Review 2018

direktbroker-FX is not a classic forex or CFD broker. Rather, the company based in Berlin is a real estate agent. This enables its customers to trade through a wide range of partners worldwide. Direct Broker-FX - the Forex offer of Direktbroker - is backed by the Cypriot company Leverate Financial Servicec Ltd.

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The financial services provider is based in the well-known Mediterranean country and is regulated by the local supervisory authorities. Trading takes place via a so-called STOP trading model. The spreads are very tight and start from 0.0 pips. Particularly noteworthy is the broker's extensive range of training courses.

Customers are provided with numerous opportunities for further training. The news ticker is also convincing. In addition to currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities and futures can also be traded on the direct broker FX.

As already mentioned above, direktbroker-FX is not a real broker. Nevertheless, the provider allows trading with classic forex and CFD. Whoever opens a trading account with direktbroker-FX gains access to around 80 international markets. This gives traders the opportunity to trade at all major trading venues around the world. The German and North American markets are naturally represented.

Those who live at the company's headquarters in Berlin can even be advised personally on site by an employee of the provider. Trading events lasting several days in Berlin are not uncommon with direct broker FX. Compared to other forex and CFD brokers, this is an advantage of high value. The seminars are held by renowned experts and are aimed at both former traders and professional traders. In spite of the high service quality, direktbroker-FX is priced in the lower segment. Many currency pairs such as EUR/USD are tradable during the day from 0.1 pips.

direktbroker-FX relies on a broad product portfolio in order to fulfill all wishes of its customers. Especially in the forex sector the offer is very sophisticated. Around 120 currency pairs are available to traders here. These include the most popular majors such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP or EURO/JPY. In addition, a number of exotics are available so that investors have real alternatives in turbulent times. In addition, the 30 most important global indices can be traded. In addition to the DAX, the Dow Jones or S&P 500 can also be traded.

directbroker-FX is headquartered in Berlin and manages the German business. However, the financial services provider is not regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) because direct brokers do not function as traditional brokers.

Rather, regulation takes place at the Cypriot parent company, Leverate Financial Services Ltd. Thus, the renowned regulatory authority CySEC is responsible for direct broker FX.

As has already been pointed out, direktbroker-FX itself does not function as a classic broker, but as a kind of broker. This has clear advantages in terms of conditions. direktbroker-FX cooperates with various partners in order to achieve high cost advantages for its customers. This means that it is already possible to trade stock CFDs starting at EUR 2.95.

In total, the provider provides traders with three different account models. They are designed to meet individual needs and personal knowledge. For directbroker-FX, trading runs either via MetaTrader 4 or the highly professional software "OEC Trader". Both versions can be tested in a free demo version.

The fees for directbroker-FX are not uniform. They depend on the selected account type. The standard account is available from a deposit of only 100 Euro. It is primarily aimed at inexperienced traders who want to take the first steps in trading CFDs and Forex.

The so-called Gold Account is likely to target advanced traders, it offers some service advantages over the standard account that become important when trading more. The range of consulting services is also somewhat more individual. In addition, the costs per trade are lower. For this, however, traders must deposit at least 5,000 euros into their account.

Traders have to pay 25,000 euros for the Platinum FX account. However, there are only a few advantages compared to the gold account. Only share CFDs are free of charge in the Platinum FX account - for the first 12 months. After that, the two models are no longer different from each other.

The service at direktbroker-FX is particularly pronounced. The employees of the provider are available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 hours. The provider can of course also be contacted by mail. It is also possible to make a personal appointment at the company's Berlin office.

Not only the availability of the support is convincing at direktbroker-FX. Through cooperations with various other brokers and financial service providers, direktbroker-FX provides its customers with a wide range of information. Every trading day at 12 noon important news and announcements appear in a newsletter. In addition, an expert analyses the currency markets every day - both in the evening and in the morning. Especially for CFD traders, direktbroker-FX has created its own blog. Expert and experienced traders provide important tips on CFD trading at regular intervals.

directbroker-FX attaches particular importance to training its traders. The company provides a wide range of options for this purpose. The so-called Trader-Camp takes place regularly as a workshop. It teaches, for example, tried and tested scalping strategies after the opening of the trade, trend information with low-risk entry points or markets at their daily highs and lows. The Trader Camp takes place at regular intervals and is held by experienced instructors.

At Direktbroker FX interested parties can participate in trader camps. In one of the camps, traders learn everything they need to know about scalp trading strategies. The camp, which consists of theory and practice, is primarily aimed at day and position trainers. In the seminar, trading experts will present special scalping strategies and deal with mental preparation for trading. The second trader camp is a live trading challenge. As part of the camp, coaches such as Peter Krenn and Wolf Dreistein present positions that traders can then open. A special incentive: Those who can be shown to have the highest prize can look forward to a special prize at the award ceremony.

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In addition, one-hour webinars are held every Thursday and Tuesday. On Tuesdays we discuss the market as a whole. The DAX and the EUR/USD are analysed primarily. At the same time, the experts will be presenting setups from the forex and commodities sectors. Afterwards, an outlook is provided on important economic news that could influence the market in the next few days.

In addition, a status assessment of large indices is carried out. On Thursday, the experts from direktbroker-FX will take up the insights gained in the previous webinar. In addition, basic business ideas are discussed. In both webinars, participants are explicitly encouraged to ask questions.

In CFD and Forex trading, the search for information is essential. It must be as fast and uncomplicated as possible. Otherwise, you will miss out on important market opportunities or you will overlook crucial data. direktbroker-FX provides you with a wealth of information. The provider's news ticker is updated every minute. In addition, particularly important news and messages are sent separately in a newsletter. At the beginning and end of each trading day, an expert creates a short video in which he delivers analyses of individual values. Information retrieval couldn't be easier.

The first deposit at the broker is of particular importance. It decides to what extent it can be traded at a later date. In the case of directbroker FX, trading can be started from a sum of 100 euros. However, it is advisable to bring at least 5,000 euros with you. The reason for this is the gold account. This is activated from a deposit of just this 5,000 Euro and brings a lot of advantages for traders. Higher deposits are not mandatory. The Platinum FX account, which is available from a deposit of €25,000 or more, has few advantages.

Admittedly, every trader wants to make a maximum profit. The question therefore focuses more on the fees incurred by the broker. The less money has to be paid off to the provider, the higher the return on investment. direktbroker-FX relies on a very transparent and, above all, inexpensive cost model. Even in a standard account, stock CFDs cost only $5.95 per share. In the gold account, the costs are halved. Also in the forex area, fees are very low. In the case of direct broker FX, no payments are due for the mere opening and maintenance of an account.

A broker should always be interested in protecting his clients from risk. The most efficient way to do this is through risk management options. Directbroker-FX provides many different options for this in its trading software. At the same time, the company always draws attention to the risk involved in trading CFDs and Forex. The already mentioned webinars and seminars also contribute to risk education and risk prevention. For example, trading strategies that reduce risk are explained.

Basically, it is rather unusual in the online sector to have personal contact between broker and trader. However, you should always be able to reach us by phone in order to clarify important questions and problems quickly. For this purpose, direktbroker-FX provides you with a competent service team, which you can reach every trading day from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs. If you come from Berlin and the surrounding area, you can even make use of a personal consultation at the local office. In addition, the webinars and seminars offer the opportunity to ask expert experts questions about trading. In this area too, direktbroker-FXalso is convincing.