BDSwiss Broker Review 2018

BDSwiss has positioned itself as an excellent broker for binary options. However, the broker now also offers currency trading for private traders, so traders can not only gain experience in binary options, but can also trade Forex/CFDs. With a total of 47 currency pairs and 110 tradable underlyings, BDSwiss Forex offers a cost-effective and interesting alternative to other brokers. It maintains the proven MetaTrader 4 software for private traders of all levels. The maximum lever is 1:400.

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BDSwiss has its headquarters in Cyprus and is therefore regulated by the CySEC authority. BDSwiss convinces in the broker review 2018 with favourable conditions and extensive further training opportunities. Below you will find all the information about the Cypriot broker that we have gathered as part of our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018.

BDSwiss was established in 2012 as Banc de Swiss. Initially, the broker focused on developing a range of binary options. In the meantime, BDSwiss can be described as the market leader in this market, because the company is characterised by enormous transparency, course presentation to the second, absolute reliability and outstanding customer service. In the meantime, the company has launched the BDSwiss Forex division and since then offers foreign exchange trading at highly competitive prices via an intelligent CFD mechanism, so that traders can also gain experience in BDSwiss Forex trading.

Since trading at BDSwiss Forex does not take place via the regular currency market, but rather the price development of the currencies is represented via a CFD mechanism, comparatively favourable trading conditions and fees can be offered. Trading on BDSwiss Forex therefore has no influence on the price development on the actual markets. The cost of trades is thus just 0.01% or 1.2 pip per trade. The smallest trade that can be executed is 0.01 lots. The largest trade, on the other hand, can be executed with 60 lots. Traders have enormous potential returns with a maximum leverage of 1:400.

With actually invested capital of about 20 € a sum of 8000 € could be moved. All trades are executed during the opening hours of Forex markets. Within the framework of our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018, an unrestricted and personal recommendation must be made for these trading conditions. Thanks to this smart concept, traders now have access to unbeatable conditions.

BDSwiss Forex allows its clients to trade a total of 47 different currency pairs. These include majors such as the EUR/USD and USD/GBP, of course, but also numerous other exotic currency pairs. Traders can also trade other underlying assets such as stocks, indices and commodities. However, these are only available as CFDs, so the trader is never in actual possession of these assets. A total of 110 different underlyings can be traded. Our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 assessment of the trading offer is positive. There are sufficient trading opportunities with 47 currency pairs.

BDSwiss Forex's customer support is another reason why this broker can be described as one of the best providers in the field of foreign exchange trading in 2018. Support is available in several European languages and can be reached via email, live chat and telephone. For German customers, telephone support is available from 12:00 - 20:00. Inquiries by mail are usually answered in the shortest time, while the live chat support is usually available immediately. We have made it our business to make some test requests for this BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018. Even complicated issues were clarified quickly and comprehensively. Beginners can become themselves with any questions to support, even on trade-related topics. As the BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 shows, the broker is a big step ahead of his competitors when it comes to customer support.

The question of the safety of suppliers of financial products is mandatory. Although most brokers are very interested in staying in the market from a business point of view, there are some black sheep. With regard to the insolvency of brokers, traders have a legitimate interest in clarifying deposit protection and regulation.

BDSwiss is an absolutely reputable broker who has acquired a license to offer binary options and foreign exchange in Cyprus. Thus, the broker is regulated and monitored by the Cypriot tax authority CySEC. Cyprus is an EU country and, like Germany, is therefore bound by EU directives and laws. At least in theory, all EU countries should therefore be at the same regulatory level. CySEC actually enjoys an excellent reputation, because business with brokers has developed into a foundation of the Cypriot financial sector. There is therefore great interest in serious regulation. Again and again, the authority issues warnings to brokers or withdraws their licenses. Thus traders can be sure that they have found a reputable provider at BDSwiss.

The BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 shows: In the event of insolvency, CySEC guarantees deposit protection in the amount of EUR 20,000. Traders should therefore distribute their capital to different accounts, as this security applies per account.

Another advantage for traders is a German postal address of the broker in Frankfurt. Thus German traders have a legal claimant in Germany and can sue their deposits in Germany in case of doubt. This results in double protection, especially as a result of the EU regulation by CySEC, as well as the jurisdiction via BaFin.

We personally have had excellent experiences with BDSwiss Forex and can confirm the reliability of this provider in every respect.

The selection of different payment options, as well as the speed of incoming and outgoing payments and the handling of the process are decisive criteria for the evaluation of a broker. That's why we took a closer look at it in our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018.

BDSwiss Forex offers its traders more deposit options than withdrawal options. In general, numerous e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, GiroPay, Sofortüberweisung, iDeal or EPS are available. The minimum deposit of these methods is 10 €. A maximum of 2,000 - 5,000 euros can be deposited via eWallet, depending on the respective provider. In any case, however, the amounts are immediately paid into the account and available for trading.

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. While there is no upper limit with this method, the process is only completed after 2-7 days. In addition, at least 20 euros must be paid by bank transfer.

Of course BDSwiss Forex also accepts Visa and MasterCard. After ten minutes, the deposits are completed, which may amount to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15,000 euros. Fortunately, there is no deposit fee.

Although the payment methods at BDSwiss are to a certain extent limited, there are still numerous options for payment. Bank transfers are possible from a withdrawal amount of 150 USD. However, fees may apply depending on the trader's bank. Usually the processes are completed after 2-7 working days. For a withdrawal with Visa or MasterCard, an account balance of 10 USD is sufficient. It is completed after 2-10 working days, while no fees are charged. A small disadvantage is the fact that a payout is only possible via Skrill. Although the payout process is usually completed after one day, the amount must also be USD 10.

Our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 shows that there are different methods for deposits and withdrawals. However, further e-wallets would be desirable for disbursement.

Opening an account for the BDSwiss Forex platform is comparatively simple and uncomplicated for the client. All customers need to do is visit the Broker's website.

A simple registration process allows customers to apply for an account within minutes. After briefly asking for the most important data, such as first and last name, date of birth and email address, the account is already opened. Immediately afterwards, deposits can be made and trading can begin. However, for the complete opening of an account, which is completed with the first withdrawal, identity verification is required.

In order to make withdrawals, it is necessary to verify your account by confirming your identity. For this purpose, a copy of an identification document, proof of address and, if applicable, an address of the respective credit card must be sent in. The verification process can sometimes take several days. Note that separate verification may be required for each withdrawal method.

The demo account is an essential part of any trading approach. Regardless of whether you want to familiarize yourself with the trading platform or try out a new strategy, you must always work with such a test account. Unfortunately, BDSwiss does not provide its clients with an extraordinarily practical and unlimited Forex demo account, because the offer is currently paused. The account started with a virtual credit of up to 100,000 USD. The related price data were displayed in real time so that realistic market conditions were given.

Customers have also had the opportunity to act unrestrictedly. The account was fully functional and unlimited in time. This is of particular importance and may be regarded as an advantage of the broker. Unfortunately, an unlimited demo account is not the standard with every provider, although this is an important prerequisite for successful trading.

The trading platform is the trader's instrument and must therefore meet high requirements. BDSwiss can meet the high demands and inspires with a mature and outstanding trading platform. Meta Trader 4 has long since established itself as a standard instrument among private traders. The reason for this is the high degree of customization and the enormous range of functions of the platform. BDSwiss not only uses Meta Trader 4, but has also developed and optimized it with its own technology. Both beginners and professional traders expect a mature platform, which guarantees an excellent trading experience with many indicators, templates and even the use of Expert Advisors (automatic trading robots).

Our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 with the platform is positive because there is currently no software that can stand up to the meta trader in terms of simplicity and functionality. BDSwiss Forex clients even have the option of choosing between Meta Trader as a download for PC and Mac or Web Trader.

Although mobile trading is controversial, as many professional traders believe it is not possible to carry out extensive analyses on the go, there are success stories. Through its use for more complex trading methods, it is in any case an excellent tool for monitoring trends. BDSwiss Forex has taken precautions and offers its clients sound mobile trading.

Meta Trader 4 has been transformed into an app and can be downloaded for Android, Apple and Windows devices from the website. Although this application is somewhat inferior to the conventional platform, the installation of the most common analysis tools enables sound trading. We can therefore conclude our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 clearly with a positive verdict regarding mobile trading.

Whether a broker like BDSwiss Forex is serious or a fraud can sometimes be recognized by the trader's ambitions for further training. Brokers who follow a short-term business principle are usually only interested in a quick deposit of their customers. The greater the brokers' interest in keeping their customers in the market and promoting them with education, the more seriously and better this can be valued. BDSwiss Forex proves enormous seriousness with an extensive program that includes live trading, webinars, a trader blog and extensive lessons to learn the subject. Within the scope of our BDSwiss broker review 2018 we have dealt with the lessons and can confirm that the broker lays a healthy foundation for successful trading.

BDSwiss is one of the most successful brokers in the field of binary options in 2018. With this concept the company shows that it can think around the corner and presents its clients an excellent Forex offer at unbeatable conditions. These are only possible due to trading via CFDs. Otherwise, traders can expect the familiar service of the broker, with extensive customer support and a mature training academy. Trading is risky and not every trading product is suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a reputable broker on your side with BDSwiss, which is also reflected in the BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018.

BDSwiss now mainly uses Meta Trader 4 and offers it as a web trader, download or mobile application. The trading fees of 1.2 pip are significantly below average and are a particular advantage of this trading concept. We can conclude our BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 with a recommendation. Both beginners and advanced traders will find the BDSwiss Forex broker review 2018 positive.