AvaTrade Broker Review 2018

The broker AvaTrade is certainly still known to many traders under the previous name AvaFX. It is a forex broker who also offers numerous CFDs. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, which is why regulation is primarily carried out by the Irish regulator CBI. The broker was created in the year 2006 and it can distinguish itself among other things by the fact that there are attractive deposit bonuses for new customers, which do not require a very high first deposit.

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Among the advantages of the broker, which we also found in our extensive AvaTrade broker review 2018, is the fact that the customer can choose between different trading platforms. In addition to broker-owned trading platforms, these include the MetaTrader. Mobile trading is also possible and the demo account offered by the broker can be used for a period of 21 days. AvaTrade broker review 2018 has shown that more than 60 currencies are tradable and many CFDs on equities, indices or commodities. In terms of trading conditions, customers can also benefit, for example, from the relatively low minimum deposit of 100 euros and the maximum lever of 400:1, which means that the spreads in our broker review 2018 were not so positive, as they are relatively high from three pips.

The broker is regulated by the Irish Financial Supervisory Authority due to its head office in Dublin. Since there are also branches in many other countries around the world, there are several other supervisory authorities involved in controlling the broker. Our positive AvaTrade broker review 2018 includes not only the regulation, but also in the area of deposit insurance we were able to draw a pleasing conclusion in our AvaTrade broker review 2018. Broker review 2018 has shown that the funds in the client accounts are kept separately from the assets of the broker, namely by a credit institution established in the European Union. This virtually automatically guarantees that the legal deposit insurance of 100,000 euros or a similar amount in a foreign currency, if the country concerned is not a member of the European Monetary Union, will take effect at this point.

Our AvaTrade experience in the area of trading platforms is based on the fact that we were able to test different trading platforms that can be used through the broker. The broker-owned platform is called AVA Trader and is equipped with numerous functions as well as the possibility to display open and possible future positions within a chart. In addition, one-click trading is becoming increasingly popular, i. e. placing orders directly from the chart. For example, anyone who has already traded through another broker and is used to MetaTrader can also use this external trading software. Both versions of the trading platform are also available in a mobile version, so that in our experience it is not a problem to trade via smartphone or iPhone, for example. Through the various trading platforms, not only more than 60 currency pairs can be traded, but also numerous CFDs, whereby both stocks and indices as well as commodities are available as possible underlying assets. We would particularly like to mention here that we were able to use two interesting additional functions in our AvaTrade broker review 2018, namely the "Mirror Trader" and "Zulutrade". Using the Mirror Trader it is possible to copy expert trades while Zulutrade allows automatic trading.

In our AvaTrade broker review 2018 the trading conditions are of course also a main focus. In this segment, our broker review 2018 was very positive, as the broker offers various customer-friendly conditions. Depending on the type of account model selected, the minimum deposit starts from as little as 100 euros. Compared to earlier times, the broker has improved in the area of maximum leverage, as it now stands at 400:1, resulting in a minimum margin of 0.25 percent. The minimum transaction size of 5,000 currency units is also very customer-friendly. If the maximum leverage of 400:1 is included, the trader would only have to invest 12.50 euros of his own capital in order to fulfill this minimum transaction size. However, our broker review 2018 with spreads was not so positive, because in the area of majors they only start from three pips, which is comparatively "expensive".

AvaTrader is a powerful and exclusive software for trading Forex and CFDs. In CFD trading in particular, it is possible to trade stocks, commodities and indices in addition to currencies and to profit from their development. The software is not only limited to one PC, but can also be used on tablets and smartphones. This enables traders to trade on the go at any time and take advantage of opportunities. The user-friendly platform can also be customized to meet traders' needs. The MetaTrader, which is available for download as MT4, is just as individual. It is also powerful and flexible and many traders are already familiar with other brokers. The Avatrade broker review 2018 shows that it is not necessary to adapt to another platform and use the usual features. The apps Ava Mobile and MetaTrader 4 Mobile are also available for mobile trading in 2018. The fully equipped platforms allow mobile access for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

More and more traders are taking advantage of AvaTrade's ability to trade automatically. Various platforms are also available for this purpose, enabling both fully automated and partially automated trading. This is possible for example with the Mirror Trader, but also with the MLQ5 signal service. With the MLQ5 Signal Service, an account can be opened within a few minutes to subscribe to auto trading signals. Traders can copy thousands of signal providers and benefit from their success. Also available for automated trading is the Signal Trader, which allows traders to copy the trades of a small group of traders with an AvaTrade account. With the help of the simple structure, these strategies can be successfully copied and used.

Traders who have tested AvaTrade and have now chosen this broker will be able to open their accounts easily and conveniently online. It is possible to open both a live account and a demo account. The demo account is especially suitable for traders who haven't been able to gain any experience with forex trading and now want to try it out. With a fictitious play money of 100,000 euros, traders can test different strategies and check the effects of the various actions. After the online registration it is still possible to start trading on the same day. All you need to do is provide your name and e-mail address. For the subsequent live trading, on the other hand, a classic live account must be opened for which some additional information is required. But also here it is possible to open an account within a few steps and to be able to start online trading soon.

Among the broker's services, which of course should also be mentioned in our broker review 2018, is mobile trading, which is becoming increasingly important for many traders. A free demo account can also be used, but the period is limited to three weeks. There is no continual bonus, but there are relatively frequent bonus promotions where it is sometimes even possible to receive a deposit bonus of up to 50 percent. Currently, customers can even secure a bonus of 10,000 euros, but must make a first deposit of 50,000 euros. Before the bonus can be paid out, a minimum volume of 10,000 euros must be traded per euro bonus. In addition to the benefits and the many bonus promotions, the broker can also convince with the extras, which include an extensive training center as well as webinars and other learning aids.

Since many traders do not want to invest too much capital in a broker, especially after the initial registration, the minimum transaction size as well as the minimum deposit play a role in the choice of the provider. Broker AvaTrade offers very customer-friendly values in this category, because both the minimum deposit of 100 euros and the minimum transaction size of 5,000 currency units are set at a relatively low level.

First and foremost, traders can trade forex pairs via the broker, specifically more than 60 different pairs. In addition, trading in numerous CFDs is also available, with the underlying assets ranging from equities to commodities.

In addition to a number of services and conditions, the broker AvaTrade can also be distinguished by the fact that new traders often receive a deposit bonus. There is no permanent fixed bonus, but there are special promotions at very regular intervals in which bonuses of up to 50 percent are paid. Especially positive is the fact that even smaller deposits are rewarded with a bonus.

Customers can not only open a trading account with AvaTrade, which can then be traded live on the forex market or CFD area, but also a free demo account is provided beforehand. This demo account can be used for a maximum period of 21 days.

Of course, it has been possible for some time now for traders at AvaTrade to trade not only via stationary trading platforms, but also from mobile devices. A mobile trading platform can be used in two versions and the trader has almost no restrictions compared to the stationary trading platform.

If you have already been able to familiarize yourself with AvaTrade's offer, simply share your opinion and experience with all other interested traders. For example, you can tell us which services and physical condition you particularly liked or what you think is still to be improved.