Admiral Markets Review 2018

Admiral Markets Group is a global financial services company with operations in more than 40 cities. A broker is responsible for German-speaking traders and has been operating under the brand name Admiral Markets UK Ltd since 2014. An important liaison office is maintained in Berlin to provide technical support for German customers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the British Forex and CFD specialist. This and the UK Deposit Guarantee Scheme provides confidence and security for many traders, as our Admiral Markets broker review 2018 has shown.


The broker's offers and services are recommended for both beginners and professionals. Favourable conditions (spreads from 0.1 pips), several account models and the MT4 tuning platform are also responsible for the positive valuation of Admiral Markets. The number of trading goods is sufficient for 69 currency pairs, the CFD offer is sufficient for trading in this segment. The quality of the selected financial instruments is also convincing. There is also no shortage of apps for mobile commerce, as broker review 2018 shows. The broker earns extra points in any case with permanently usable demo account, the further education offer and many current analyses.

Like many other online brokers, Admiral Markets offers its customers the well-known trading software MetaTrader4 as a platform. This has proven itself in trading with Forex and CFDs and is one of the most common trading software in 2018. At Admiral Markets, customers can use the basic version of the MT4 as well as a tuned MT4. In the future, MetaTrader5 will also be offered for a special account model.

The trading platform MT4 Tuning: Supreme is available as a MT4 basic version with additional extensions developed by the broker himself. The additional add-ons that can be integrated with the MT4 Supreme enable improved trading options. For traders, the extended order options include reverse orders, trades in exact euro amounts, charting via additional displays and interesting account and market features.

Admiral Makets understands the importance of mobile trading. Because there are more and more customers who want to use only mobile trading options with Android smartphones, iPhone and tablets. The web-based MetaTrader platform is available as a MetaTrader Mobile App for mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad.

Our Admiral Markets broker review 2018 showed that the trading apps have the same functionality for forex and CFD trading as the MT4 web applications. Trading works optimally on the move thanks to charts, indicators and order placement. The respective app allows unlimited access to all markets tradable at Admiral Markets.

Admiral Markets UK is a broker specialising in Forex and CFDs. Currently, the trading offer comprises about 120 forex pairs and CFDs. Compared to some other brokers, this does not appear to be very extensive, but the quality of the financial instruments offered is good and the conditions are also likely to be among the best in the industry. Admiral Markets UK offers its clients the opportunity to take advantage of interbank market conditions in forex trading. This enables them to take advantage of the most favourable trading conditions on the market, largely commission-free, as broker review 2018 has shown. The Admiral. markets trading account in particular is waiting with industry-leading spreads, as the majority of them are 0.1 pips, whereby the exchange rate is set via ECN in real time. Traders can opt for fixed spreads as an alternative to interbank spreads.

You can start trading Forex and CFDs very quickly after opening a live account and making a certain first deposit. Deposits are credited to the trading account within minutes. Depending on the account model, the minimum deposit is between 200 EUR and 1,000 EUR. Traders at Admiral Markets have nothing to do with account management costs or order fees. In principle, there are no fixed costs, as there is no fee for inactivity.

During peak trading hours, for example, DAX30 and Dow Jones can be traded very cheaply with a 1-point spread. The smallest possible spread for EUR/USD with admiral markets starts at 0.1 pips and trades at interbank market conditions without commissions. The typical spread is 1 pips.

Under certain conditions, day traders receive a personal offer so that they can trade DAX30 or Dow Jones in real terms for less than 1 pips if they receive a corresponding reimbursement.

The Admiral Markets Group is active on several continents and now has a branch in around 40 cities. The broker has to deal with different regulatory authorities. The Latvian company Admiral Markets AS and the British broker Admiral Markets UK are active in Europe. Since October 2014, the latter has been taking care of German customers and, above all, all other new business. Due to its British headquarters, it falls under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Here, the broker must provide regular information about his offers and transactions. The British deposit guarantee scheme, which is positive for German customers, has already been mentioned in an earlier point. The protection of EUR 100,000 should be more than adequate in most cases.

The British broker offers his website as well as all offers and further services not only in English, but also in German. For customers from the German-speaking countries this has the positive effect that they receive almost all and all relevant information in German. This applies to the risk information, the general terms and conditions, the data protection regulations and the FAQs. Risk notes not only appear on the start page, but are also clearly visible on other sub-pages.

Admiral Markets, headquartered in London, is regulated by the well-known strict British financial supervisory authority FCA. The company is also a member of the Financial Services CompensationScheme (FSCS). In the event of a brokerage bankruptcy, this means that the client's assets are secured up to GBP 85,000 per client. In addition, the broker is obliged to keep customer funds separate from the company funds. Customer deposits are therefore deposited with EU regulated well-known banks such as Barclays London.

When deciding for or against a foreign broker, the question of support in the respective national language plays an important role. Since Admiral Markets UK's head office and accounts are located in London, English is the primary business language. German traders keep accounts with the London broker and also trade on it. It is important to the customer-friendly company that customers are addressed in their native language.

German traders therefore do not have to do without German-language offers and services, as the broker has installed a branch office in Germany, or more precisely in Berlin, which handles technical support for the entire German-speaking area.

The Admiral Markets broker review 2018 shows that Berlin does not only have a call centre for answering calls, but that the fast and genuine help of expressive experts is waiting for you.

The German customer service is available during the normal trading days from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.. The quickest and easiest way to contact us is the live chat. Alternatively, contact via e-mail and telephone hotline is available.

There are several ways to make deposits at Admiral Markets. First of all, the normal bank transfer. This payment method is considered safe, but takes a certain amount of time. As a quicker and more secure way to provide your trading account with start-up capital, the broker offers payment by credit card, Neteller, Skrill or instant bank transfer.

After opening the live account at Admiral Marketsk, you can immediately prepare for the actual start of trading by depositing the minimum deposits. Money transfers are ordered in the customer portal after login. Apart from the normal transfer, the transaction takes only a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds.

Regardless of which payment method you choose for deposits, withdrawals are generally made by bank transfer to a verified bank account. Admiral Markets does not normally charge fees for deposits and withdrawals. If there is more than one payout per month, a small fee of 10 EUR may be due. Fees may be charged to the payment service provider.

If transactions in another currency are to be processed in a currency other than the trading account, the amount is converted on the basis of the current bank exchange rate and then credited. For an Admiral Markets payout, an extra order form must be used. The duration until the credit note is given by the broker with 2 to 3 working days. Traders may experience some restrictions on the payout amount for open positions as up to 65% of the open margin is not payable.

Important: Deposits are not accepted by third parties. Withdrawals are only permitted on bank accounts bearing the customer's name.

Admiral Markets is a specialist forex broker. In addition to forex, the British broker allows you to trade a range of CFDs on indices and commodities (gold, silver, oil) as well as U. S. stock CFDs at the best conditions. The current trading offer comprises around 120 financial instruments, which comprise 69 currency pairs and a further 51 CFDs on equities, indices and commodities. The broker regularly ensures a well-chosen expansion of trading opportunities.

Under Contract Details, the online broker provides his clients with detailed information on, for example, the minimum and typical spreads, lots and margins for each of the tradable financial instruments. The price list is linked on the start page and can also be called up in the FAQ section.

Which commodities can be used in which number and which leverage is determined by the choice of the account model. Admiral. Markets has a maximum leverage of 500:1.

Even if the online broker favours trading via the Internet, customers have the option of closing an order by telephone via trading desk around the clock.

Admiral Markets does not offer a new customer bonus, because the broker wants to convince new customers with his offers and services. There is also no bonus for further payments. Active traders can look forward to discounts because they expect personalized trading offers and reimbursements depending on the trading volume.

In order to be able to take advantage of personal special conditions and bonus offers, certain conditions must be met (account deposits of EUR 20,000 or more and trading volumes). The already favourable trading costs can then be further reduced. The spreads on EURUSD or DAX30 will then move below 1 pip.

You can apply for a personal trading offer at Admiral Markets at any time. Even if you are a client of another broker, you can make an enquiry and prepare a possible change with offered conditions. No newcomer bonuses or extra payment bonuses.

Experiences with Admiral Markets show how the broker takes care of his clients. The free demo account and the extensive further education offer, which is naturally offered and available in German, must be mentioned here. In most cases it is always useful to train FX trading with a demo account. It is ideal if the free demo account can be used permanently like Admiral Markets. This means that it can also be used in addition to the live account for testing strategies.

The Knowledge and Analysis section of the website gives traders access to current analyses and educational offerings. In addition to extensive information about trading, the live trading webinars are especially worth mentioning.

Admiral Markets won second place in the Forex Broker category in the year 2014. The same applies to the election as Forex broker of the year 2013.